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CCR Court Program Background


CCR was founded in 1982 with a mission statement of “bringing peace, creating peacemakers" by a group of Christian attorneys to provide an alternative to litigation for the Christian community.  Over the years CCR has refined and focused its energy in two specific areas.  The first and main program works within the Christian community to provide an understanding of how to remain a productive and viable community, even in the midst of conflict.  CCR provides training in-group facilitation, personal peacemaking skills and in mediation skills to encourage “in-house” mediation within each church or organization.


The second program is the Small Claims Court Mediation Program, a non-sectarian mediation service that seeks to reduce overburdened small claims court calendars by providing mediators to assist litigants in resolving their disputes.  CCR serves the courts by providing mediators for every calendar period, to assist claimants and defendants in resolving their disputes without having to appear before a judge.


Starting in 1988, CCR has received funding from the County of Los Angeles under the Dispute Resolution Programs Act.  CCR court jurisdictions include Van Nuys, Chatsworth, Santa Monica and Torrance.  Since 1992, CCR has averaged over 1,100 cases mediated per year.


Since the initial grant funding from the County of Los Angeles, CCR has been ranked as one of the top performers among the grant recipients (including LA County Bar Association) for the greatest number of cases resolved at the lowest cost to the County.  The average success rate for cases attempted in mediation by CCR has been 75% over 10+ years in service.


Because of CCR’s consistent and diligent service, Pepperdine University has been partnering with CCR since 1987 to provide training in collaborative negotiation and mediation skills.  Pepperdine’s Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution was recently ranked #1 in ADR training schools by U.S. News and World Report.  CCR is confident that success within each program is related to the excellent training and hands-on experience given to new mediators. 


CCR’s goal is to serve the courts by providing ADR for cases better served by mediation and to empower the parties to use a more productive manner of dispute resolution the next time a conflict arises.


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