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CCR Online Dispute Resolution Program 

We are excited to announce that as of August 10th, the Center for Conflict Resolution will be offering Online Dispute Resolution. This is an amazing new way to provide access to justice in the ever changing COVID climate and beyond. 

Please visit us at to begin your ODR registration.

Here are a few quick insights on what Online Dispute Resolution has to offer:

  • ODR provides an opportunity for you to try and mediate your case with the other party prior to your hearing date. 
  • Mediation is a great way for you have a say in the final outcome. 
  • Since ODR occurs prior to your hearing date, if a settlement is not reached, you haven't lost any time. 
  • ODR allows you to try and work through the conflict from the comfort of your own home, all you need is access to a computer or a Smartphone. 
  • ODR also allows you to try and reach a settlement in your own time. While we will be able to coordinate direct, real time communication, you will have the luxury of working towards a resolution while you still attend to your daily schedules. 
  • ODR provides access to our mediators who won't currently be able to assist you on the day of your hearing due to COVID court regulations. 

If you would like to learn more about the opportunities available, please e-mail CCR at or call us at 818.705.1090. We aim to respond to all inquires as quickly as possible in order to advise on the best route forward in order to handle your dispute. 

NOTE: At this time we will only be able to assist those who have a scheduled court date at least 10 business days from August 10th. To find more information on your case, please visit and follow these steps:

  1. Go to Divisions
  2. Click Small Claims
  3. Click Case Summary
  4. Enter Case Number
  5. Click Search

We look forward to helping you towards a resolution. 


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