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Policies for Volunteers

Court Policies for CCR Court Volunteers


The purpose for discussing the Policies of the Court is so that volunteers may be properly informed as to what is considered appropriate behavior, dress, and dealing with the confidential nature which may be part of their assignment.  The following list is not intended to cover every possible situation that may arise and you are encouraged to communicate with the CCR office if you need further clarification.


General Conduct and Personal Appearance


CCR court volunteers conduct themselves at all times in a professional and courteous manner that reflects positively on themselves and the Court.


CCR court volunteers are asked to be groomed in a business-like manner that is appropriate to their level of responsibility.  The following would be inappropriate:


  • Excessive make-up and jewelry;
  • Extreme dress, such as shorts, sheer or low-cut blouses, tank tops, mini-skirts, or sandals;
  • Sport team hats or gang-related clothing;
  • T-shirts with offensive statements or pictures on them.


Code of Ethics


A fair and independent court system is essential to the administration of justice in a democratic society.  Proper conduct by Court employees and CCR volunteers inspires public confidence and trust in the courts and conveys the values of impartiality, equity, and fairness that bring integrity to the Court’s work.  To advance these values and to achieve justice, we believe certain moral principles should govern all that we do.


A code of ethics cannot possibly anticipate every moral dilemma and ethical choice that may arise in the execution of one’s day-to-day professional responsibilities.  Personal discretion in the interpretation of this Code of Ethics is both necessary and desirable.  We who believe in it will continue to cultivate within ourselves the moral sensibilities that will inform and enliven our consciences and make us true servants of justice.


Use of Personal Vehicle


CCR Volunteers are asked to use their own personal vehicles and are responsible for maintaining a current valid California driver’s license (Class C) and providing proof of automobile liability insurance coverage.




Parking is available for all CCR volunteer court mediators while they are actively participating in the court mediation program. 





CCR volunteer mediators are prohibited from signing any official Court document(s), except all CCR forms. 


Volunteers who come in contact with any document(s) in which they have a personal or professional interest are to notify the Executive Director.  Such contact constitutes a conflict of interest and is prohibited. 


Confidential and Sensitive Information


The unauthorized dissemination of information of a confidential or sensitive nature is prohibited.  Removing files or documents from the premises of the Court without proper authorization is prohibited and punishable by law.  Volunteers are to refrain from publishing any data gathered during their assignment in the form of press releases, opinions, or feature articles, except with the prior written consent of the CCR and the County Public Affairs Administrator.


Contacts from News Media


All contacts from the news media, (radio, print, or TV) shall be referred immediately to the Executive Director of CCR prior to any discussion with those parties.


Legal Issues – Giving Advice, Receiving Gifts, or Solicitation


CCR volunteers are absolutely prohibited from giving any legal advice or legal referrals to Court customers, even though customers may request such information.  (However, mediators often refer the public to the Small Claims Court Clerks or Small Claims Advisors).


CCR volunteers are prohibited from accepting any gift or item of value from any individual or organization.


There will be no solicitation, charging, requesting, or accepting of any fee (reward or payment) for services rendered.


Possession or Consumption of Illegal Drugs or Alcohol


Possession, consumption, or being under the influence of illegal drugs and/or alcohol on Court (County) property is prohibited. 


Personal Safety


If CCR volunteers or individuals with whom they are working are injured during Court hours, they are asked to notify the appropriate Court personnel and CCR Executive Director immediately.


All CCR volunteers are covered under the Los Angeles County’s American International Group Life Insurance Plan (AIGLIFE) and are not eligible to receive Workers’ Compensation.


Reporting of Absences and Departure


CCR volunteers who are unable to come to their appointed court dockets are expected to call and inform the CCR office a minimum of two days prior to their start time.  Those with prior obligations, such as medical appointments, vacations, or other planned absence, are asked to contact the CCR office at least two days in advance regarding the reason for their absence and the duration of the anticipated absence.


Volunteers are asked to give a minimum of one-month notice to the CCR Executive Director when they expect to end their participation in the program.


Volunteer Identification Badges


All CCR court volunteer mediators are to wear their “Volunteer Photo Identification Badgesâ€� (if provided by CCR) in a conspicuous location when working in the Courts.  Upon the completion of your participation in the program, the photo ID badges are to be returned to the CCR office.




Harassment of a sexual, physical, or emotional nature is prohibited by law.  Generally, harassment includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and any other verbal or physical conduct or communication that creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment.


Volunteers are requested to immediately notify the CCR office of any incidents of harassment.


Volunteer Obligation


Any CCR volunteer arrested by law during the course of their assignment must report the matter to the CCR Executive Director for review and necessary follow up.


Failure to comply with the “Court Policies for CCR Court Volunteers� will result in immediate dismissal from volunteer program.



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