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Community Mediation


Welcome to CCR's Community Mediation page. Here you will find all the information you need

regarding our community mediation service as well as any links regarding getting started to

leading a dispute free life. 


Who we are...

CCR is a Los Angeles County DRPA funded organization that provides mediation services

to the Los Angeles Superior Court and the San Fernando Valley community. Our grant

money allows us to provide mediation services to individuals who have disputes and would

like to take charge in resolving them. 


What we do...

As a non-profit, all of CCR's mediators are volunteers dedicated to helping the people of

Los Angeles with disputes that range to landlord/tenant issues to property damage

concerns. As an excellent alternative to parties seeking help from the court system,

community mediation is not only highly affordable, but it also affords participants the

flexibility to work with your schedules with either over the phone or in person mediation.  


How does it work?

Mediation is also 100% voluntary. Two parties must agree to enter into a highly confidential

discussion with the facilitation of a neutral third party, or the mediator, in collaboration to

negotiate a resolution to the problem in question. Mediation is a non-legal process in which

both parties are in control, wielding all the decision power. If you think mediation would

be a potentially viable option for your dispute or you would just like to find out

more, please fill out our online inquiry form 

here: Community_Mediation_Inquiry_Form


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