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Bringing Peace, Creating Peacemakers



Vision Statement


The Center for Conflict Resolution is a premier provider of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and conflict management resources, attending to the needs of the larger community. Specifically through court-annexed mediation programs, community mediation initiatives, peer mediation programs and faith-based mediation.  CCR provides services of the highest professional quality at the lowest possible cost to all that seek assistance in the interest of bringing peace and creating peacemakers.



CCR is a, non-profit organization, founded in 1983.  CCR operates under a Board of Directors, Executive Director, Office Staff and Vounteer and Community Mediators.


What is CCR?

  • A Place for Mediators to
    • Encourage
    • Learn
    • Serve
    • Network
  • A Place for Fractured Relationships to Find Satisfaction Through:

High quality, effective conflict resolution processes

Modeling peacemaking principles

Modeling true community


Bringing Peace

  • Non-Sectarian Court Mediation Program
    • Non-sectarian mediation for Small Claims and Municipal Court matters in LA County
    • Using a diverse group of trained mediators
    • Utilizing a non-sectarian court mediation process
    • Mediations conducted in courthouses
  • Non-Sectarian Community Mediation (for those not professing Christianity)
    • Using a diverse group of trained mediators
    • Utilizing a non-sectarian mediation process
    • Mediations conducted in the CCR office or other appropriate locations
  • Peer Mediation Program called SCRAM.  Student Conflict Resolvers and Mediators.
  • Conflict Consulting – Informal process of conflict resolution by coaching

 Creating Peacemakers

  • Training – 32 hours of negotiation and mediation skills
  • Continuing education opportunities for mediators
  • Seminars and training in personal peacemaking skills
  • Mentoring and hands-on mediation experiences
  • Standards of participation and conduct for all conciliators















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